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Surviving the USS Titanic

We're talking a lot about what is currently happening in the world of economy around the globe, what caused it, who the players are and what it means to you and me on a daily basis:

USS Titanic thread:
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That is a very important discussion, as that informs us about the history of the problem and how it started and is playing out around us and in our lives. Knowing that, we can think of solutions and how to avoid such a situation again. Also very importantly, what we as individuals can do in our own lives to survive such a challenge.

We need some form of currency to enable us to exchange goods, food and services. Where will we be able to obtain goods such as food and healthcare?

There is also a saying that 'when people lose everything, they lose it', meaning people might emotionally get insecure, unstable and desperate, and these emotions can drive people to do things that they would not normally do, and sadly, not only positive, but also negative actions.

What can you suggest for solutions for other people in these times?

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