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SWA airline crew, passengers and "all others" !


I watched and read a lot about the SWA accident and all I have to say is this : had this happened any other place on the planet, they would have been toast. When the passenger was sucked out, passengers went into high gear and were holding her and pulling her back inside the aircraft and eventually managed to do that. We must keep in mind the horrendous speeds at that moment, the chaos on board with the masks dropping and the pilots executing an emergency decent which is not a very calm and smooth and pleasant maneuver. It is a know fact that pilots outside the USA are cutting corners. You may have the big ones like LH, BEA and such that have outstanding training, HOWEVER, the company culture is such that co-pilots are "scared and at awe" towards the captains so in case like this you NEED BOTH pilots functioning at 110%. When anyone listens to the captain's voice - had a blown engine, explosive decompression, emergency decent, people losing it...and she sounded like she was at some coffee place ordering coffee. Not only you need the proper DNA but the proper training in this case US Navy and SWA. Well done ! Very proud of you !!!

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