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Take a look at what Bulgaria has to offer…

...You'll be surprised!

So I am new to Internations and also pretty new to traveling Bulgaria, but I thought people in this group might be as surprised as we were to find out what remarkable (and affordable) treasures this stunning country has hidden within it. We liked it so much, we bought a little stone building there to renovate…

So here are 5 Reasons you should put Bulgaria on your Bucket List

(if you prefer pictures to words…here is a link to our website where we have posted video, photos and a blog of our adventures there this summer: Protected content

Reason One: Stunning Landscapes

Bulgaria is a landscape photographer’s paradise. With four striking mountain ranges to choose from: The country literally abounds in cascading waterfalls, jaw-dropping panoramas and pristine mountain lakes. Obviously the views from the summits of these rocky peaks are stunning, but so too are the many twisting and diverse caves which riddle their insides.

Better yet, the distances are close. Unlike the sprawling grandeur of Canada (where I am from), where you may travel for hours and hours through similar stunning terrain until your mind is numb and your eyes no longer appreciative, Bulgarian distances are short. Don’t fall asleep, you will miss something new and wonderful and altogether different from what you were seeing an hour ago. The terrain is diverse and interesting and ever-changing in Bulgaria, a short drive and you are suddenly in a whole new setting.

Reason Two: Fascinating History

Over the last 1.4 million years civilizations have come and gone leaving their indelible stamp upon the lands now known as Bulgaria. From prehistoric cave dwellings to ancient ruins and tombs, from the excavated remains of once-thriving Roman cities to crumbling old fortresses, and from remarkable monasteries and cathedrals to the austere architecture of communist times, the richness and depth of Bulgaria’s history is undeniable!

Reason Three: The Food and Drink

There really is no chronological order to this list, but if there were, I think my husband would argue the food and drink should be placed higher than in the top three reasons to come to Bulgaria.

The food is fresh, it is wholesome and tasty and quite simply wonderful! By fresh, I mean villagers tending stands outside their fields selling their goods and popping back over the fence into the field when running low on supplies. Sadly, a tomato will never taste as flavourful again, or a pepper as sweet when you return home. And this fresh produce suffuses their cuisine. It is not uncommon for menus to have at least two pages of only salads.

Then there are the hearty pots of sizzling meats, the cheese and more cheese in every dish—even the French fries--and the fresh baked flat breads. There is something for every kind of foodie. And of course the home-grown wines to accompany the meals and the famous home-brewed Brandy, known as Rakia, to finish everything off. If you aren’t feeling hungry now, it is the fault of my writing and not any lack on the part of Bulgarian cuisine.

Reason Four: It is Affordable

A meal for two including starters and dessert and a few drinks will likely cost you less than 20 dollars American. And if you are watching your pennies, you should be able to feed two of you in a restaurant for as little as 10 dollars American. A night in a guesthouse is around Protected content . You can do a hostel for less and a fancy hotel in Sofia for a lot more, but really the prices are exceptionally reasonable.

Reason Five: It is still relatively undiscovered

Maybe not undiscovered, as Bulgaria has a long and exciting history, but she seems to have been forgotten and grown a bit dusty as she waits to be rediscovered. For the traveller, this means few tourists, yet all the amenities at affordable prices. It also means access into beautiful areas that will likely become closed off once more and more people start to go there. And then there is the excitement of feeling like you are getting there first, before tourists discover the area, before things are dug up and reconstructed and put on display as tourist attractions. It is a truly authentic and soul-fulfilling experience.

We eventually hope to turn our little property into an artist retreat; however, in the meantime we have begun running photography tours in this beautiful country. If you want to see or read more here is the link to our website again: Protected content

And also the link to our FB page if you are interested. Protected content

It really is a surprising country. I hope you get a chance to visit it and experience it more. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to try to help. I’m not an expert, just an enthusiast!

Happy Travels!

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