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Taking a leap of faith to Bali

Hey everyone. This is my first post here and I am excited to share with anyone who is interested in participating in this conversation. My wife and I are relocating to the other side of the world, Bali Indonesia. As much as we are elated by this new adventure, there are always going to be wild emotions arising from such an intense shift in ones life.

So I ask to all you well seasoned travelers or people settled in Bali, what made it work for you? What are some things that you may know that I won't see posted around on the internet on some other site?

We are truly leaving our old life behind and starting anew, by selling everything except for the few things we will take and letting the world work its magic. We were both there in Dec & Jan Protected content now we feel the call to be back there for some time. We are working on lining up jobs, but may not have them on arrival. My sister has been there for 2 years now and has been very supportive of us with this move. We are both in the healing arts. My wife has her degree in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture and chinese herbs) and I am a massage therapist.

So if you have any input lets talk.

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