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tangibility of non tangibles


While i have been sharing with you on the earth element and its association, relationship, with wealth, relationship and daily life, there is another set of key elements that would completely change your daily life and business; any case, your perception of them need to be prepared as lacking of ability to acknowledge the value of them would create a not preferred error in your decision making and later on, along the road of your life and business development, to miss an opportunity to access knowledge, skills and innovation sources that could Protected content life and business.

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Consider for an instant the field that nurture creativity:

ether, the field of records of all blue prints on visible and unvisible world, the field of information associated to the design of all that is.
water, when information need to be shared, replicated, multiplied, registered, adminstrated
fire, would transform any situation into the one you wish if your creativity and innovation are powerful and grounded enough
wind, would make a forest grow as your business and wealth as well.

as we recognize the key function of those elements, the factor of 4, at this point of sharing on elements management, would multiply exponentially along an organic development process, any earth/wealth achievement. which means if you are certain that your business, earth oriented is successful, to have a look at these four elements would power up your business process.

While, fire, wind and ether are not tangible, and water has already a value in the market and it is about to be privatized, there have been developed many alternative off the grid technologies for capturing water, wind, and creating fire or combustion; while very few have been entering the ether business.

At the prime technologies we utilize 81 elements, and our base training suggest three levels, 3, 5 and 9 elements, necessary to achieve self mastery. the 81 elements capacity of application will be a bonus, for those dedicated to express whole potential through matrix perception, process management, self management, thinking, decision making, within an holofractal quantum reality. (did i say holofractal quantum? and reality? in the same sentence? well, yes i did, and for those not yet sure if i tell a story or truth, i would suggest you wait on line for more blog posts for some weeks or months, until i arrive to the point of sharing on holofractal and quantum field and its interdependance with prime technology through the prime heart of consciousness and love.

When somebody gives you an idea that changes your mind and produces a transformation in your life and business, for example helping you from winning 100s of thousends per year to millions per year, wouldnt that idea, perceived from the future to the past, of a great value? well, in the future the effect of this idea is very tangible, but in the present isnt. Now, apply the function of quantum time: past=present=future: tangibility of the idea is now. There for the idea should be paid as for its future value. As you dont know today the profit generated by the idea in future yet, you can charge as an ideas seller: 50% of know value now, plus 50% somewhen in time, plus x% of profit along following 9 years after reaching 1 Million / or better 9 Million monthly income. If your customer complain, tell that you apply the quantum time formula of tangibility of your soft knowledge and if he/she/it doesnt feel it tangible now is because is not capable to perceive the future; another reason for the customer of learning and applying prime technology for achieving skills that would be extremely important for them.

In order to power up earth achievements it is necessary you identify the field where earth and the other 4 elements cocreate the reality your heart, emotions, thoughts and actions create.

without saying much, how can you measure or give value to the tangibility of an idea, coaching sessions, training or consultancy?

I used the following story to support my customers come to the right perception: i said: if i give you a bar of pure gold and you place it on your wall as an object to be proud of and do nothing else with it, you cannot complain the gold bar did not change your life or business, but only your perception of what you have. so far you dont make your information, experience, wisdom, consciousness, knowledge tangible for daily life and business, you didnt yet change your life in that one of an ascended individual, wealthy, joyful, immersed into prime heart consciousness.

while if you take a little piece of gold to buy some land, seeds build a house, a forest and become self sustained, then you really changed your life and that little piece of gold would at that point have a great value.

In the same sense if you do not apply what i suggest to you, it is not to wish that by reading this article your life as for magic would change, as only intentions and wishes without tangible actions do not create your own world.

So, apply the practices i suggest and join our online training, receive the gold and reinvest it on your daily life and business. ( i wont ask you now for a % of your profit, if you access now the training, is all i now wish for myself, while i cannot promess that your guests or invited people will receive the same conditions as you receive now, as in future i am planning to create an agreement with my online students about them sharing their profit with me at certain point, profit generated out of the application of this knowledge)

If you would like to generate value of your not tangible elements, 4 of them to start, it is necessary first you communicate your earth and wealth with your heart and then one by one each element to be harmoniously integrated to the the perception of the process that takes already place into the generation of ealth, organic growth, of your earth element.

For example: ask your self on:

the blue print inteligence of all components of your daily life and business associated t your wealth.
the emotional information necessay or associated to it
the transformations combustion that can be also trigggered for alchemy purposes
the organic growth that can be impulsed as soon as the seed sprout

then, when you have the answers, find out how each of these elements can be empowered. follow up and notice how your heart consciousness supports you align the process to prime heart source, then, what else to do? keep on paddeling, let the flow of the river moves you, enjoy the ride!

Actually is very simple,

first realize the value of the non tangibles in your life
second, pay for them as for their true value
third, collaborate with the 4 elements, by activating the consciousness field of them, your earth wealth and prime heart consciousness.

as usual it is your perception of the field of work, yourself and your life and business, the one that create the possibilities and opportunities for you? how it does it? well, very simple, as you perceive more, your expanded mind would let you identify applications of the information, intelligences and patterns of the 4 elements that would actually empower your wealth increase.

Try it out!


Take on of your wealth sources, identify in it the fields (paralel processes of organic development that evolve out and within each element, follow up process, advance or design strategy, for each element)

You can share with me or with this blog post community your wealth project and results of this homework.

One more thing, intent to give value to the process, idea, technology or method/strategy, created within each of the four elements.
Notice the benefits of them.
Tell us how much you did win out of their application

now that you perceive the wind and direct application of this knowledge tell us the price you would assign/value in the market to that particular/set of ideas or suggestions.
If you are a trainer, consultant or couch, then you got it!

wishing you a wonderful cocreative experience, with the five elements


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