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Tattoo's ......the role of tattoo's in different cultures

This morning in the swimming pool saw a girl, with “two huge angel wings” tattooed on her back..

The history of the art of tattooing has its roots in the ancient times. The word ’Tattoo’ has originated from the Tahitian term ’Tatu’ or ’Tatau’, which means mark or strike. In fact tattoo is a very popular form of art through which people used to put on decorative marks on their skin, and they still do so, all over the world. The history tells us that in some of the countries the art of tattooing has been in fashion for thousands of years whereas in other countries it is a newly adopted art. In the ancient and medieval period the people in different parts of the world employed different methods of tattooing. But the fact is that this form of tattoo art was hugely popular throughout the world in general and the US and Europe in particular. Another interesting fact about history of tattoos is that the tattoos seemed to be missing among populations with the darkest skin tone and in most of China until more recent centuries.
The Maoris of New Zealand and the Japanese people were expert of the puncture method of tattooing. Later the sailors introduced this art into Europe. However the modern method of tattooing employs an electric needle for drawing the tattoos.

Do you have tattoo’s, would you like to have tattoo’s, you accept a person with tattoo’s, you accept that tattoo’s can be visible in working office, why do people choose to have a tattoo, and what does their tattoo mean to them ?

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