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TAX refund for travelers

Hello ladies and gentlemen from the other side of the world,

My name is Nguyen, living in Finland.

Currently I am doing a market research concerning Tax refund for travelers, this in cooperation with Lahti Science and Business Park, Finland.

Tax free rule: Thanks to a special regulation for international travelers, you can shop TAX FREE on the goods you have purchased during your stay in the EU.

These are the few questions I would like to have an answer for my research:

1. Are you aware of this tax free rule?
2. Have you ever used this tax refund service before and what is your experience using this service?
3. If there is a new tax refund service on the market, would you consider using their service if the tax refund is higher?
4. Protected content bothers the current procedure you to reclaim your VAT and how would you change it?

All your opinions are welcome!

Kind regards,

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