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Testimonials and Experts on working free lance across borders

A post on the Cote D'Azur forum started a debate and i'd like to reach out to all, in France and the US more specifically, but also eslsewhere, on ' working free lance across borders'.

These questions regularly comes up among my acquaintances:

- Can i do a consulting job for this company in France and bill through a US based company?
I reside in France.

- Can I hire people in France to work for me through a US based entity, and vice versa?
Or do I need to set up some sort of entity in France?
What contract would they have if they work in France for a US entity? An expat contract? What if I hired them in France?

- Etc... You can probably think of others in the same vein...

Thanks for all feedback and experts out there. i'd like to organize an event in the AIx Marseille region on this if some of you are available to be speakers.

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