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Thangka – Gorgeous Artwork in Tibet China

Thangka is a beautiful scroll-banner painting that could be seen in monastery and family shrine in Tibet. It is normally painting on silk with embroidery, usually depicting a Tibetan astrology, pharmacology, theology, Mandala, images and so on.

Thangka is served as important teaching tools depicting the life of the Buddha, various influential lamas and other deities and bodhisattvas.

It is a gorgeous artwork which is totally different from common oil painting, but consists of a picture panel which is painted or embroidered over which a textile is mounted and then over which is laid a cover, usually silk. Thangka can last for a very longtime, but due to its delicate nature, it should be kept in dry places. On Shoton Festival, huge Thangka Painting will be revealed so it is also called Sun Buddha Festival.

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