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The 3rd world responsability in creating their own misery

OK. I think this is going to be an interesting discussion.

I have lived about Protected content in 'developing' nations and traveled in many of them, including Africa.

Observing the corruption, greed, short-term thinking, racism (between classes, black/white, black/black), abysmal use of public resources, small tax base and total lack of interest in truly investing in education of its peoples (beyond just assigning big budgets to silence powerful teacher unions who's teachers don't deliver) I cannot fail to conclude that they have themselves to blame for continuing to stay 3rd world countries.

I also dare to say that religion has a lot to do with it. Telling people that life will at least be better after this life on earth isn't exactly a motivational factor to take charge of your life and take action to change things right now By God, was Marx right with his 'opium for the people remark'.

So stop blaming United Fruit Company, slave traders, Shell Oil, the IMF/Worldbank (although they have messed up several things big time). If you want to make your country a better country for all your fellow citizens, start getting your own house in order. Get your budd of the ground and take action.

What do my fellow global minds have to say?

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