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The aftermath of the Georgian - Russian conflict. The new Russia.


I wish to hear the opinions of others who may be aware of the current geopolitical situation in east Europe. Currently, as a consequence of a seemingly mild punishment against Russia from the European Union - It would seem that the current Russian presidency seem keen on creating a new power pole, in order to finally abandon the unilateral global politics run mainly by the US.
It would seem that the established NATO alliance is seen as a threat by many Russians, not least the current presidency.
As I have understood it, Russia now supports a closer military alliance between European states. This would eventually lead to what the European Union promised NATO officials would not happen - A European alliance that would ultimatelly pose a possible threat to the survival of NATO.

This seems like a new direction for Russian politics. Previously, Russian authorities have shown great interest in mainly their Asian partners, China and India. Successfully so. Given this clear statement that Russia will not abide to what they consider a forced isolation - Is this an attempt to create a multilateral global politics? Or is it perhaps an intention to once again create a large political influence-sphere centered in Moscow?

I think it is important to take into account the rapid development of Russia, It's increasing importance in Europe in terms of gas supply and general import. While at the same time Russia's biggest trading partner is the European Union.

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