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The Asia Vision Song Contest - An ideological step?

In Europe we have during the last decades been able to enjoy an international TV-event called the Eurovision Song Contest - Where (mostly) European countries compete in a song contest. This was introduced to (apart from monetary profits) promote an internationalist attitude in Europe - In many ways, it promoted the type of near-cosmopolitanism that is promoted by the European Union.
I have on several occasions been unsure, while suspecting that this internationalism trend will catch on in other parts of the world. I have thus far seen the African Union, although crippled, grow into an established international organization. All continents have already started economic collaboration, but none have reached the level of the European Union as of yet.

This is why this interests me - This is of clear ideological value. That a continent of competing economies and a violent history (Perhaps even more so than that of Europe) adopts a TV-event to promote internationalism. Given that this indeed works out - Will this become a global trend? Will this trend lead to more regional political unions such as the European Union?

Many Europeans are sceptics when it comes to federalization of a continent - As Europe is the first continent to attempt such a thing. Will a trend in other parts make Europeans more secure and less sceptic of a federalization? Is the cosmopolitanism trend the new libertarianism trend?

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