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The Best Jurisdictions to Form an Offshore Company


If you have come to the conclusion that the next best step for your business and financial assets is to start an offshore company, you need to keep reading this article. After you’ve crafted a detailed tax plan with the help of your tax adviser it’s time to choose the right jurisdiction. Apart from the already established ones like the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Hong Kong, we will be telling you about the best jurisdictions to form your offshore company in Protected content . Some of them may have never crossed your mind before.

1. Bulgaria

This little known Eastern European country is now the best jurisdiction to open an offshore company in if you want to trade in Europe. There are several benefits that make it the “go-to” place for investors and wealthy individuals who want to preserve their assets.

You will be issued with a VAT number (you need this for trading in Europe)
Your tax is 10% - lowest in the EU
You can open a bank account without being physically present
Your bank account is not considered “questionable” as it may be the case if you opened an offshore company and account in some of the zero tax Caribbean jurisdictions, for example

2. Taiwan

If you are a resident in Mainland China who has an idea of a lucrative business, you should form an offshore company in Taiwan. Here’s why:

Taiwan is a major player in the tech sector - high technological advances
Attracts billions of foreign capital
Guarantees complete privacy (they haven’t signed the AEoL agreement yet)

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3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico isn’t exactly a country because it is legally a U.S. territory. However, it does have its own tax system, which is highly beneficial for most foreign investors. It’s one of the best jurisdictions to form your offshore company in Protected content

The tax rate is 4%
In certain cases, it can go down to 0% (through dividends paid to you from your company)
Capital gains are tax-free
Full privacy of your asset information

4. Mauritius

Investing in Africa? Your smartest move may be forming an offshore company in Mauritius. It is true that the country has lost a portion of its popularity as an offshore destination, but they are now focusing much more on foreign customers doing business in the southern parts of Africa. What makes Mauritius attractive:

Good economy and stable government - guarantees the safety of your assets
Very low tax rate of 3%
You can open your bank account remotely

5. The U.S.A

That may come as a surprise to some of you, but if you are a non-U.S. citizen the absolute best jurisdiction to form your offshore company in Protected content be the States. More specifically, these states:

South Dakota,
New Hampshire

None of the above have income taxes, which is a great plus. They are quite good for startups and small businesses and guarantee a great level of privacy.

If you are, however, a big foreign corporation, there’s one state that would be ideal for you - Delaware. The tax rate there is 0%, but you will be charged annual fees. Delaware has an impeccable reputation as a jurisdiction to open an offshore company in. According to an ICO services article, 50% of the U.S. publicly traded companies are formed in Delaware.

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