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The Connecticut school shooting vs Abortion

Many of us know of the tragedy that took place in the Sandy Hook school community recently and how 20 children were gunned down at the hands of a sick individual. My heart goes out to those families. There is one thing that troubles me however. When this shooting took place, people responded in outrage and demanded justice and rightfully so. But why do people respond with such anger towards incidents such as this for the loss of young children, but accept millions of babies a year being butchered up in a mother's womb(which is supposed to be the safest place for a baby)? Does anyone see the hypocrisy here? People use these political terms and say that the baby wasn't alive or that it wasn't human. If that was the case, the mother wouldn't have gone to get an abortion would she? It's foolishness and people are so ignorant and blind of the outright hypocrisy and wickedness of the human heart that Jesus so rightly pinpointed. Could anyone please tell me when it is "alright" to kill a baby in the womb? Think before you answer please. Thank you.

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