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The Dream of the Monster nº1

I’ll tell you all my secrets
But I’ll lie about my past
So send me off to bed
Forever more.

Tom Waits

The monster swirls inside my guts. It has things to say. Hidden things, filled with shame, things unsaid and not to be said. It swirls in the shadows, making evil the sleep and terrible the dreaming.

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We're slaves of ourselves. Incapable to face society and its foul conventions, locking ourselves inside a mask of falsity and whipping our true self so that it doesn't show itself into the light.
We make him work to the archetype we've created until we believe that we aren't what we are. Or until we believe in our own lie.

Vicente Neves

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Who has built a persona to cope with the job, friends, lovers, parents, strangers, the universe?

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