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The elect president is Protectionist

Obama is protectionist in his foreign trade policy and Mc cain free trade advocate, and for countries in internatinal trade it seem free trade is advantagious in many respects, i am not going to details may be read the following and say some thing.

Like many Democratic lawmakers, Obama is lukewarm about pursuing free-trade agreements, favoring them in general, but insisting that they must include strong protections for the environment and workers.

During the Democratic primaries, Obama called for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. In Protected content , although he voted against a Central American free trade agreement, it passed. More recently, he opposed a free-trade pact with Colombia, citing violence against labor unions in that country.

"I believe in free trade. But I also believe that for far too long ... the attitude has been that any trade agreement is a good trade agreement," he said during the third presidential debate with McCain.

McCain is a longtime supporter of free trade, backing every major trade deal of recent years. Those include NAFTA, the Central American pact and a pending agreement with South Korea.

During one debate, he criticized Obama for opposing the agreement with Colombia, which he said would lower tariffs, create U.S. jobs and bolster a U.S. ally that's helping fight drug trafficking. "Free trade with Colombia is something that's a no-brainer," McCain said.

Ok, from the above point do you think it is a good policy? the protectioist policy


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