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The end of the last Hindu Kingdom - Nepal votes tomorrow. Or won't it?

To quote from the BBC: (sums it up best..)
It’s the first election since Protected content follows the Maoists' decision to quit their armed struggle against Nepal's government in Protected content . The election is for an assembly which will re-write the constitution and the new body is likely to abolish the monarchy.
King Gyanendra seized absolute power in Protected content was forced to give up his authoritarian rule the following year after weeks of pro-democracy protests.
He has since lost all his powers and his command of the army.
Protected content

In the course of the last days before the election, there has been a considerable amount of violence.

It apparently started when a member of the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (UML),was killed by unknown people .
This event - and a curfew from the authorities - triggered demonstrations by UML supporters on Wednesday. A protester was shot dead by security forces. Six Maoists allegedly have been killed by security in a different event, (a "scuffle between the Maoists and youths employed by a local candidate of a rival party"). Many more were injured.

I wonder, will the elections be able to take place tomorrow, or will they be postponed due to incalculable risks, violence, ...?

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