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The "G" Spot

There is a place in all of us which is the source of our greatest insights and richest learning. This place is like a wellspring, a source, a parting point from which we obtain both wisdom and mystery. This place is not an organ, bone or muscle. Instead, it is that invisible space where thoughts, experiences and knowledge create meaningful connections within the self and to those on the outside.

The greatest challenge for anyone is to reach this inner space. Words may capture the essence but never the full richness of what is happening. Knowledge may provide a sense of what might be but fails to fully describe it. Activities help transcend knowledge into practice, but the effect may be one of pure information exchange. Personal contact among people will result in greater social interaction, but individuals can be very persistent in subconsciously choosing to remain as islands in a sea of human flesh.

Reaching the sanctuary of our innermost selves is very difficult. It can even be dangerous. But it is also very powerful. People who have been able to connect deep expressions of the self among others report to having seen profound transformations taking place.

How do you connect with your innerself?
How do you connect with others?
How do you connect with the universe?

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