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The heirs of Doctor Mengele

'Doctors and psychologists working for the US military violated the ethical codes of their profession under instruction from the defence department and the CIA to become involved in the torture and degrading treatment of suspected terrorists, an investigation has concluded.
'The report of the Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centres concludes that after 9/11, health professionals working with the military and intelligence services "designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees".'

That is an extract from an article in today's Guardian (link below). I find it desperately sad that the kind of activities that we have been brought up to despise are now commonplace in our Western societies - not just US society, by the way: all the NATO nations and their allies are in this together.

Where do we go from here? How far would Dr Mengele and his assistants have progressed, if the Nazis had won the War?
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