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the "i am only human" excuse .


We are responsible for our actions.

To maintain that we have no control over ourselves , is to take away responsibility for our actions and speech. And makes for a dangerous philosophy. Idiosyncrasies and habits are very hard to vanquish . i completely agree. But we can control speaking , acting and thinking in racist or self defeating manners etc . The reason why we are impulsive and often reactive , i believe ,is because our mind is usually a cess pit of dark whirling thoughts , and we have not thought through the thing well enough. Often we think that if we strongly feel a certain way , it must be correct. So our actions are based on feelings, impulses and some lack of wisdom and previous experiences , imperfect knowledge and often we are not in possession of all the facts. The solution? Just do your best . And be kind to yourself.
The phrase , " i am only human" , has a lot of inbuilt safety valves to allow us to love ourselves regardless. but i think we should not ever rely on such philosophy to think we can do whatever we want. or say whatever we like. without caring about the harm it may do to yourself or to another.
Please buy into the principle of First do no harm.
any thoughts ? please share them. thanks.

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