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The Law of Attraction, Sex & A Better World

I know the title is odd but what I'm getting ready to write hopefully will start an engaging conversation. I must admit that it's rather late where I am but sometimes writing late at night helps me think about different things. I apologize in advance because this might be a long post!

I remember being in a bar in Spain some years back and striking up a conversation with a British guy who briefly mentioned this "Law of Attraction" concept to me but at the time I wasn't sure about it. I couldn't really grasp this concept of just speaking/believing things into existence. It just seemed too much like a "genie in a bottle" situation where you just say something and it appears. I didn't pay much attention to it since it seemed like a pop culture fad at the time so I quickly forgot about it.....until some years later when it suddenly popped up again.

Not long ago, a few people that I know suggested to me that I start applying the "Law of Attraction" and see how it could benefit my life. Things were chaotic at the time (understatement!) so I figured I had nothing to lose by doing it. When you've run out of ideas, grown weary of professional networking events and have taken a permanent exile from dating sites, etc., you start doing things a bit differently.

So, I printed some pictures off the internet that represented goals in different areas of my life and have them in highly visible places. But, there's one particular picture (which is actually a large poster) that's the focus of this thread here. Within a few short months of putting up the poster and casually admiring it off and on, a cruel joke of the Universe commenced ....well, the Universe proceeded to bitch slap me. Allow me to explain...

Although soccer bores most Americans like me to tears, one thing I will say is that out of all sports on Earth, male professional soccer players tend to be consistently the most handsome to me anyway! Is it something in the Gatorade? The hair products? I have watched a lot of sports in my life and so many of them in soccer are stunning in ways that I don't see as much on a consistent basis in other sports.

When it comes to human attraction, everyone has a "type" so mine is David Beckham. Amazing body? Check. Brown hair? Check. Tall? Check. Interesting & tasteful tattoos that aren't tacky? Check. English speaker who isn't American? Check. So, I thought to myself that getting a poster of a shirtless Beckham in all of his masculine splendor and then subconsciously daring the universe to work it's magic was my way of teasing the Universe to show me what this concept is all about. If nothing else, glancing at him and then going back out into the real world here where many men around are unashamed of their beer bellies....

It's kind of a long story how the next part of this unfolds but by pure coincidence, a chain of events happened that lead to a meeting in person with a guy here in Dallas. And guess what? He's got an amazing body, brown hair, is tall, is from another English speaking country, played pro soccer in the past and has really tasteful tattoos! We met because of mutual interest in charitable work.

Now, before you guys start to cheer for me and encourage me to ride off into the proverbial sunset with Prince Charming here....there's a catch. You see, the Universe, as a I said before, bitch slapped me because this dude is not single. However, that hasn't made my brain turn off the corners of my imagination that we're all blessed and cursed to have. I remember feeling extremely nervous before our meeting in person because from what I gathered, he was my "type" but business before pleasure is the mantra! When I saw him, I was really electrified on the inside. I'm pretty sure I went deaf for about a minute before being able to actually be normal.....I think I have a good poker face but it's good not to be over confident. It's tough to "talk shop" while trying not to show signs that you're having a nuclear reaction on a hormonal and intellectual level (since he's pretty smart too)

I've tried to block out the lust and whatnot but it's a fool's errand. Can you guys believe this cruel ass joke from the Universe? Do you have any similar stories to tell? What do you all think about attracting things into your life via thoughts? Is this something that works? I rarely get so rattled by guys in everyday normal life but this one was a huge exception. What do you all think? Is the Universe really a bitch or is it preparing me for great things?

Allow me to log out now and "attract" a text message or gossip letting me know this guy is back on the market....

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