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the law of karma - a pitiful theory.


I dont like the concept of karma although in theory it sounds good. But there really is so much of evil in the world.And it is very true that the good in having higher standards do suffer much more. There is no pain when one does not have a conscience , and lives a selfish life. There is no conflict of the mind and then one's only principle is that one should not get caught for the evil things one does and says. Too often another person's evil brings upon the good people clear suffering. And this is grossly unfair. The good person , he sets certain standards for himself . And he probably has more than his fair share of principles. It does not make sense but it is very true to say that often the good do suffer more. So out goes the karma theory. I think our Lord is not focusing on the problems at hand and needs to get out of His slumber.

I cannot explain the intense suffering we go through. Especially when the person is essentially good. It seems so unfair. I can only think in terms of the pearl of the oyster or molten gold in fire being crafted into the most beautiful ornaments. The Oyster and the Gold suffered so much , but just see how much of beauty was produced. This is rationalising suffering. Suffering is real. And it can be intense. So let's see what each of us can do to alleviate it. Although ultimately it will take supreme effort even on the part of our Maker to do this in full . I pray that God
makes this world wholesome and every one of us happy beyond belief.
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by the way, i am a practising Hindu.
but actually i am a Goddist( a believer in God who does not 'belong' to any particular religion or sect ,just taking and using what is good and palatable to oneself where it comes to how we want to approach life and our personal/universal God Almighty or Supreme divine spirit - call Him/Her what you will.

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