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The Lonely Traveler

Some while ago I start writing my own blog Protected content based on my permanent need to travel. I had it in me since always, even when I was a child I was reading Jules Verne books and I was fantasizing abut traveling. I was seeing myself as the brave explorer going to the center of earth to discover a new world. Later I was the Indiana Jones trying to unveil mysteries written in the lost artifacts, I was fascinated by traveling..and I did traveled, although sometimes I was traveling by myself. Being lonely in some unfamiliar places allowed me to discover new thing about me and to realize that traveling alone is not such a bad thing, and that traveling alone can mean all sort of things. It can mean traveling inside yourself to discover your true nature. Ii can mean the journey through life we all have whether we are in a relationship or not, because the lesson life is serving us are for us only and not for our partners, and this you may see it as the journey towards wisdom. It can mean the lonely journey to a place you might want to discover,
I am curious, how many of you did had a trip alone, of if you are willing to take one? what means for you to be a lonely traveler?

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