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The Magdalene Sisters


I met an elderly woman and her daughter this morning, and they talked about how the mum who was Irish was bought up in a Catholic convent, and remembered how the nuns used to tie their breast down, to stop them protruding - sounds totally amazing. Her mum worked in the sewing room and was locked in, sewing the underwear of the nuns, which had to be hidden........

She recalled how her brother had said that he never wanted a Catholic priest praying over him when he was dying, because a priest had put his hand up his shorts when he was seven.

I was asked if I had seen the film, The Magdalene Sisters Protected content and if you remove the advert - the film is underneath it.

Whereas there will be many who may say that this happened a log time ago, I can think of many religions that say all manner of things in the name of God.

Is it man who has poisoned God or viceaversa?

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