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The Marseillaise has been whistled during football match France – Tunisia

The incident in Paris, which drew indignation from the political and sports worlds, was the third in which French crowds of immigrant origin have whistled and booed the home team when it played one of the country’s former North African colonies.
The jeering reflected anger among second-generation youths from the immigrant estates over their exclusion from mainstream France.
The jeering was strongest against Hatem Ben Arfa, a France player whose parents came from Tunisia and who refused overtures from the Tunisian Federation to play for their team. Ben Arfa said that he was not upset by the hostile crowd. “I’m not angry with them,” he said. “They need to exist, you have to understand them.”
Similar reactions came from some media and internet commentators. “The majority of the ones booing are lost kids between 15 and 20. They are not responsible adults,” said a comment on the 20 Minutes news site.
I have heard comments on a radio station saying during the taxi trip from CDG to La Defence (coming also from North African origin French) :
This is an alarm bell, the people of North African origin feel and are excluded. After the last riots nothing has happened.
Sports and Politics should be kept separate.
It is a scandal, we are French, those people that whistled are French……..
That the people of North African origin feel excluded is as much their own fault for not even trying to be French.
Can this be seen as a immigration problem or just some immature kids act ? I have also heard a comment like “Now a national anthem is some sort of religious symbol?”

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