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THE NEED OF THE HOUR in India is to combat Terrorism... the right way! There were-TOO MANY LAPSES...


..No religion preaches terrorism!.. No country encourages terrorism.. its a group of people with basically twisted philosophies who lay foundations for such breeding and encourage other like-minded ones to join up..!!!!!!!!!
It would be completely wrong to say that a particular religion or a particular country only produces terrorists!!!!!!
Its unfortunate that with all the education and modernism.. and so-called intelligence and perception.. some of us.. can get so angry that we FAIL TO SEE REASON.. and KEEP POINTING FINGERS!!!!!!!
At this point of time.. when our country is going through a huge crisis tackling these kind of dastardly acts.. we need to be united in our mission to handle such situations.. every Government needs to definitely spruce up their existing brigade of the elite forces.. to combat such sudden situations.. if we send in our forces which are not equipped adequately.. then we are sending our top forces to their instant death.. they need to be trained and have to have the infrastructure and the training for such operations...
....TERRIBLE... AWFUL...APALLING...That a country like India.. in Protected content have a crisis management team in place in each city.. !!!!!!
... Doesn't have the infrastructure to combat terrorism.. !!!!!
....Can take the lives of its citizens and the Global Citizens that place implicit faith in the country to visit the country.. so lightly...!!!!!!!
..In all this - Kudos!!!!!!!
..To all the one's who put their lives out for us.. doubt..
Its an amazing job that the brave NSG and the military and the rest of the forces have carried out...
... But the heads of country had better be aware that such attacks can be diffused with Intelligence and Infrastructure within the first few hours...
...than to give the terrorists time to secure their bases and then take action..
...putting our own military, NSG.. RAF.. Police and the other Security forces at the unnecessary peril of the attackers...!!!!!!!!!!!!
And what about the latest equipment to combat such terror situations..
.. or while the terrorists move forward with sophisticated gadgets..
... our heads of country would want to send our BRAVE-HEARTS with outdated weaponry???????????
To instantly become - MARTYRS???????????
Security was extremely lapse in the water front where everyone has started pointing their finger at the other..
This is not the time to blame other countries for the lapses that we have in our own..
this is the time to evaluate all our wrongs and start working towards a safe country..
..each of us.. do our part..
TERRORISM is everywhere.. and we can only collectively join hands and put an end to it..
by now blaming one particular religion.. we will only be dividing ourselves and creating enmity.. amongst ourselves..
when we should realize.. that no heads of countries are sitting and fueling these groups..
these groups of terrorists are SPECIALLY PICKED in camps.. AND then are BRAINWASHED.. they don't have a BACK-BONE.. they are MADE MENTALLY INSANE BY FEEDING THEM TWISTED INFORMATION and making them MINDLESS TERRORISTS..
if each and every citizen is vigilant and the Government does its duties rightly..
instead of each POLITICIAN only LOOKING TO AMASS hoards of the PEOPLE’S MONEY.. each trying to get richer than the other..
then all this can be effectively brought under control..
and there will be SHIVERS in the MINDS OF TERRORISTS.. and an understanding.. that they can never WIN..
..YET in all this - UNITED WE MUST STAND.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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