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The Oil towards the 150 dollars?

The Oil towards the Protected content ?

Goldman Sachs, had confirmed Midweek this goal for the price of a barrel of oil Gross, seems to have anticipated the trend shown yesterday by markets. A trend Conduct, as summarized Dan Vaught, analyst at Wachovia Securities, all new and the weakening dollar.

Thus the price of a barrel he rebounded strongly yesterday because Not only the dollar, but also political tensions existing between Russia and the West as well as Fears regarding the storm Fay. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, the price of a barrel of crude oil for delivery in October won last night near from $ 6 to more than $ Protected content the meeting. A situation which has also benefited other raw materials.

The index CRB compiled by Reuters and Jefferies, which measures changes of 19 basic products, has still gained nearly 4% yesterday. If he succeeds today close to the same level as that of yesterday, this index shows tonight its highest weekly rise since Protected content . As for oil, decline in the dollar has therefore encouraged rising materials First, their prices evolving in the opposite direction to that of ticket green. Chip Hanlon, Managing Partner Delta Global Advisors believes that the previous rebound dollar which led several aggressive sales on the markets for materials first, but that this trend was over. And to predict "The raw materials could to continue to rebound From now on ".

In addition to the greenback, speculation an increase of Chinese demand, hitherto put on hold because of Beijing Olympic Games, is back. With the end of Games, the Chinese demand for commodities should Indeed anew, as believed the manager of Delta Global Advisors, which is based on that "predictions of the [ China] long-term forecasts Growth and Development have not changed. " Of since Protected content , the CRB index has more than doubled under the leadership
of Chinese demand. One development that should therefore continue.

By the way, the investor Jim Rogers, who from Protected content predicted that a barrel of oil would reach the $ 100, says, "Unless a reflux of application or a collapse the economy, the trend bullish market will continue. From Alexandre Boksenbaum/ AGEFI

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte
European Director at Global Equities

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