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The post-globalization thread

Hello all you foresighted people on IN.

Is there such thing as a single path for human development that fits all cultures?

Is human evolution a one way ticket?

With globalization, nations are becoming interdependent, people are using the same products. Sharing knowledge is no longer taking a top-down shape, its happening on a flat virtual ground, where everyone has the same access (but not the same input).

There are still many inequalities in the world. Western products are dominating, input from other cultures is not half as much (apart from producing western products at a cheaper cost, and raw materials).

International politics pave way for all to follow the western module, rebels stand no chance, that is why they are resorting to a global guerrilla war.

We see more gated communities everyday, people with financial capabilities to change their very own genes. While on the other side, poverty-stricken societies are stuck at the bottom of Maslows hierarchy of human needs - just trying to secure basic needs, such as food and water (and many don't), let alone shelter.

What will humanity look like in the post-globalization era?

Call me a Pink Floyd post modernist (oxymoron? not really), but "where do we go from here?"

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