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The Power of "Self". Standing as "One"


Yet Connecting to a world without borders and still stand as One..
A World Community.

As global human beings we have become self- appointed guardians of the status quo of the monitory systems all across the world and we are not informed as to just how we are trapped into a world of self- gratification. It's time to change. The evidence is visible all around us. We have a tendency to hold onto belief systems across the globe that in effect cater to a few and not the entire world. The success of our world depends on how we continue to relate to everything around us. We have to start thinking seriously about change and how to make it happen so that the whole world community can befit and not just a few. This is being "choked" and kept separated by selfishness and the results of money and profits for the elite few.

The new approach for a successful world ought to be with the understanding and acceptance that we are all interdependent of each other and there is an abundance of natural resources in the world right now for all to have a good life.

"The whole of nature is a unified system of interdependent variables" which we all need and that makes us connected. Living in this world is a "total" experience and we know survival is impossible without all the elements of nature which are present but not shared for all to benefit.

"Success depends on how well we relate to everything around us." We cannot hope to create a sustainable peaceful, stable, socially, just world" unless, every hungry and down trodden human being across the world had an opportunity to rise up and enjoy a decent life. The world is a whole community. We are one community. We have serious problems. Right now we are a selfish community. The few enjoy and too many cry each day because of hunger and poverty. We need to start thinking differently. We are all one. We need to mentally remove the borders we have created. There are no borders when viewed from space.

Each of us needs to start. Stop looking at someone else to do something.

The journey starts with self-education so that we are not so easily and unknowingly being the guardians of the "status quo". We need to loosen that grip. We need to move towards a total world community. There is great power in starting as One.

When each of every one of us starts to say "I am for change. I want the whole world to have a fair share of the abundance of the natural resources of life", that is when we begin to feel a joy. That is a joy of connectedness as "the whole world is one community" That is when we begin to feel true joy and pleasure in our life. As individuals we start the journey SINGULARLY by a simple commitment of self-education as to what and how our current world is designed to stop that "sharing".

This is a good way to start, make the commitment to watch every aspect of this video from beginning to end. Make the commitment. Every child and human being across the world who is in pain and suffering of one kind or another will feel the love and your commitment for a better world. Then we go from there. The challenge is to keep an open mind……show strength in believing in a better world.

Post that you have viewed the video. The end will blow your mind in its sincerity.

After a while we will have questions to ask each other and start conversation. Post your question to the open forum.

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