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The prize for each olympic gold medal

Chinese gold medalist will be rewarded by an unprecedented amount comparing to their peers in the previous Olympic Games. Here is the list (per gold medal) base on a LAT report ( Protected content

China: USD300,000 on average (from the central and local governments, corporate sponsorship, possible bonus including apartments, government jobs, cars and instant admission to university etc);

US: USD25, Protected content the US Olympic Committee);

Russia: USD150, Protected content by Putin);

Germany: 50 litres of beer/month (German do love beer!);

Belarus: a lifetime worth of sausages (vow!);

India: USD 1 million (plus a doubling of pension and a life time go-anywhere free first-class train pass);

Mongolia: telephone number Protected content

North Korea: something like 'hard-working hero' award.

How about other countries? I'm just curious, any ideas?

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