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The rise of Arabia (be part of it)


By Protected content , the 6 Arab Gulf nations would make USD 9 TRILLION in oil sale net profit, if the barrel price remains at USD Protected content it is USD Protected content .

By then, these countries would have had 10 years of economic and financial unity.

According to the economist, the harder china works, the faster india grows, the higher oil prices become. Dubai is buying heavy-weight stockmarkets, including NASDAQ.

The emirate next door, Abu Dhabi has the money to make anything work, and not to worry, if anything fails. The room for investment is huge, (Abu Dhabi did not have one paved road in Protected content .

The region has one of the youngest work force, well-educated, hard working, and many with global experiences, who know how things work on the local and international front:

The Gulf, as well as other pro-west countries like Jordan, Egypt, has been given the green light for establishing safe nuclear energy.

A devastating record of human rights and democracy is there, no doubt, but progress is being made, rather fast by local standards, and rather slow by western standards, however, it will not stop the development of the region.

Diversification is needed, further liberation of the local markets is needed, stagnation in political process and bureaucracy are issues that need to be resolved... Now the recent huge flow of money also requires finding new methods of spending (otherwise prices will keep skyrocketing).

All of this is no threat to the western world, in fact, it is probably the worlds greatest opportunity at hand.

What do our global think-tanks here on IN think about this?

P.S. Anyone interested in being part of this development, can contact me for a free consultation session.

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