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The root of all the problems we face in the U.S.

Hello everyone,
The main problems we are facing in the U.S. be it economic or foreign policy is due to the strong influence the lobbyists have on politics. Lobbying is just another form of bribery, but it's legal for some reason. The congressmen are for sale to the highest bidder on every single issue from gun control, tobacco, oil industry, global warming, Israel you name it congress votes on issues based on the money someone gives them to vote for their cause not what's good for the people. Do we need guns on the street with all the violence that we see? NO, but why can't we do anything about it, well because congress gets paid not to vote for gun control. Why can't we have cars that get an average of 50 miles per gallon, we have the technology for it, well the oil industry would really be upset if their profits were in the millions not billions like it is now. One of the most powerful lobbyists is the Israeli lobbyists, do you know that congress is afraid to criticize anything Israel does while in Israel they have open discussions in their government about whether some of their actions are right or wrong and their politicians are not afraid to criticize some of the controversial decisions Israel does? I can go on forever, but the government that is supposed to be for the people by the people no longer exists. Now it's become the government for the highest bidder. What a shame to see this happen we have to make lobbying illegal.

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