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The Tao : " everything is within the TAO, error, destruction, aggression, change, as well as peace, harmony, perfection, time... there is no way a god, a demigod, a beast, a traveler, a hero, or a human may be able to destroy the TAO. Everything that is within the TAO is the TAO, the TAO is everything that has been, will be and is, there isnt anything outside of its order and nature. Some times human perception of the intelligence and meaning of the events taking place, is the result of a choice of a belief that any of those events, for an unknown reason, are destroying the TAO. This particular and strange statement isnt correct. The fact that humans create such kind of thoughts shows that they are not in conscious union with the TAO and its pulsating core. There for, while being in the TAO perceive themselves as not being in the TAO. It is an issue regarding human consciousness and awareness, not of reality, and for sure not of the TAO. If humans decide to belief are not in the TAO does not bring them out of the TAO. That TAO always is, have been and will be, the TAO. " - Odin Theta Prime, LDMF

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