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"The Twilight of our Life... is all about Money"

There was a time when you clock in to work, did your job, working at what you do best, and was recognized for your outstanding performance.

You went home you lived not as a rich man but as a good man, you pay your bills, you carry on with your family and although there were not so many entertainments, you lived life with satisfaction!

Now, we have more entertainment, more bills, more information, less concerned in real life issues, less empathy, more greed, more pain, less social values, more contradictions, less faith...

The Twilight of our world is all about money, those that don't have, need; those that have, want more; and those who are having it in abundance, do not know what to do with it!

If you do wrong, you are praised, if you do the right thing you are ridicule...
Our society is a sick one, promoting a Beast like behavior eagerly pursuing to experience what is perhaps best left in darkness!

Do you think that looking into dark matters won't affect us? We are only fooling ourselves! Yes, the Universe is one but everything has its place and its time to exist and to cease existing.

Mankind is interfering with nature for what purpose?

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It is time to accept our mistakes and make the necessary changes in our life... Take off the Wolf mask and suit, and
Be the best person you can be.... the beautiful you!

Is it about MONEY, or is it about POWER?

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