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We dont much like each other , let alone do we trust another fully . We use public transport with the feeling of distrust for our fellow passengers. Plenty of people in the world. But nobody feels absolutely safe. I believe in the utopian ideal of the world being populated by the united family of the human race. Yet , we seem so far away from this ideal. With such amazing disparity in terms of wealth and comfort , the humans sometimes seem bent on destroying the fabric of society . Greed is not good. and bigotry and racism only demeans the racist and the bigot. With everybody being an individual and often utterly self serving, we usually have no interest in being charitable in speech or acts. Let alone thoughts. It seems to be every person for himself. We cannot afford to self destruct, in a world otherwise so gorgeous.That would be a terrible tragedy . How on earth do we achieve the powerful ideal of the humans thinking and behaving like members of a wonderful family , united and loving towards each other, caring and kind? Please give me your thoughts on this . Thanks.

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