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The Value of Language

Today I learnt a new word "ululating" .......

In his first public appearance since his arrest, Mr Zaidi was met in court by applause, ululating and chanting. (from Protected content

Wiki - An ululation (aka ololuge or ololygmos) is a long, wavering, high-pitched sound resembling the howl of a dog or wolf with a trilling quality. It is exclusive to women[1], and is produced by emmiting a high pitched loud voice accompanied with a rapid movement of the tongue and the uvula[1]. Usually when ululating women would place the right hnd horizontally over the upper lip[1]. (source: Protected content

I think this is different than cat call isn't it?

It is definitely ME isn't it?

From way down the lane I could hear another cat calling. A loud call; a cross between a yowl and a ululating caterwauling (source: Protected content

Understanding language is useful and how it is written,and since IN has chosen English as a medium of communication, more words are better.

Do you for example improve your use of English on IN?

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