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The very best of the Religious Restrictions thread


Well it died - “The” religion thread. I remember making my very first post on IN in this thread- “All religions have various sorts of restrictions” It was late November Protected content page 11 of a thread that would later grow steadily to Protected content with Protected content and over 60,000 views. This thread touched a nerve, created lively discussion - and a miracle occured. It got lost along the way but I assure you a miracle, a change of heart, occurred in this thread.

I noticed it and I have never forgotten it.
It occurred because of gentleness.
It occurred on page Protected content the thread with these words….

“@Dear Estella really your words has the ability to pierce the heart. I felt this earlier also but i did not disclose it. You are different from others. I can face all others on this thread but not you. Because i don’t find their words with emotion or pain for others or real love but your. I am putting my arms and ammunition down to make peace to every one.”

On page Protected content this thread everything changed if only for a moment… but miracles are independent of time and are our right and are indeed waiting for us when we meet the conditions for a miracle.

We could all learn from this beautiful lesson. If anyone feels threatened or defensive there is no hope of reaching understanding or even communicating, We had hundreds of pages of proof of that in this thread. But we also have one page of proof of a miracle. One is enough. It was an approach totally lacking in any hint of attack, love is felt, a change of heart occurs… and you receive what you give:

Ajmal wrote: “I am putting my arms and ammunition down to make peace to every one.”

Perhaps you will be curious and read for yourself the details on page 101. You’ll find it if you look for it , here’s the link.

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