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The "War on Terror "in Britain

Another example of dropping the ball by those at the top. Bob Quick, the top anti-terrorism police officer was photographed arriving at a briefing for Gordon Brown. He had apparently been reading a highly sensitive paper in his car, and had it in plain view to the press when he left the car. This potentially compromised an anti terrorist operation in the North of England, with police raids and arrests having to be carried out ahead of plans. He resigned within hours.

Interestingly, there seems little difference in the reporting of this case from The BBC and IRNA.

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Has the lack of recent terror attacks in Europe and North America been a result of improved policing, or is it a sign that there is no current "clear and present danger" due to Al Qaeda being a spent force outside its regional power base? Are the authorities in Britain doing a great job, or are they related to the Keystone Cops, and inventing threats to justify their own existance and growth? Their recent public history missed the Glasgow and London bombings, 7/7, and resulted in the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.


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