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The Whole European Experience

I'm a Canadian from German parents who is in the process of obtaining a German passport. I work in the IT industry and I know there are many jobs available for native English speakers all over Europe. I'd like to get a consensus on just where the most suitable cities are for me to settle (although I've never been one to enjoy settling on anything). I feel I should spend some time in Germany just to make good on the passport, but after several Euro trips the past years, I've come to the decision of wanting to experience certain cities on a longer-term basis.

North American jobs are so built on basing your career with a single company, I'd like to know is if it is more acceptable for workers (depending on the industry) to jump around from city to city and job to job within Europe? There are several cities I have already in mind (Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris) and I'd like to keep the cities as unique as possible (Is Copenhagen really the same as Amsterdam or Stockholm would be?) Spending he next 10 years in Protected content cities would be just heavenly for me.

For those curious, I'm fluent in English, rusty with my French, and learning German as we speak. The Pimsleur series of tapes has been excellent.

Any input from from those with similar experiences or desires would be most appreciated.

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