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Things I've Learned From Traveling

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20 Things I've Learned From Traveling Around the World
by Gary Arndt

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1) People are generally good.

2) The media lies.

3) The world is boring.

4) People don't hate Americans.

5) Americans aren't as ignorant as you might think.

6) Americans don't travel.

7) The rest of the world isn't full of germs.

8) You don't need a lot stuff.

9) Traveling doesn't have to be expensive.

11) Culture changes.

12) Everyone is proud of where they are from.

13) America and Canada share a common culture.

14) Most people have a deep desire to travel around the world.

15) You can find the internet almost everywhere.

16) In developing countries, government is usually the problem.

17) English is becoming universal.

18) Modernization is not Westernization.

19) We view other nations by a different set of criteria than we view ourselves.

20) Everyone should travel.

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