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Hello guys, I present the situation:
I have to make a trip to Denmark to visit my future (maybe) universities. I spoke with the secretary of the said university, agreeing that a tutor (a boy / girl) I would go around the structure, housing and explaining to some general activities, courses in which I could access etc. .. We had decided that this visit would be held from 16.09. Protected content 09.20.2014. At this point I book hotel and airline tickets. Today, the university contacts me telling me that my tutor must attend a riuone for guidance in England (since this type of university admits students from each country), asking me to postpone our meeting. Obviously you book your tickets with Easyjet not be refunded, and I unfortunately I'm forced to go there ... So, to all those who plan to take a trip, or are interested in this goal, I would give my round-trip ticket return only Protected content (I paid Protected content , so 'recovery at least the minimum to be able to buy another ticket with the dates that interest me. For the name is not a problem, because Easyjet allows me to change the name of the passenger. The ticket is included in checked baggage. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.

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