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Tidbits (2) from Tehran and Beyond

Hello to all of you: (Tidbits from Tehran and Beyond is in Expat Q & A in Tehran Community).
The nights are turning chilly here, But even so have no fear.
More tidbits are coming your way, Keep those sneaky colds at bay!

Dates: (Khorma; khor-maw) Khorma come in different varieties, here, fresh and dried; my favorite being the plumpy, fleshy ones called "Rotab" (ro-tab) here. These little wonders have kept humans going for centuries; packed full of energy, excellent sources of potassium, iron, niacin, and Vitamin B6 and fiber. (high sugar content, so brush your teeth after eating them. If you use any MAO inhibitors, sorry but better stay away from dates, because tyramine can interact with these medications and cause a severe rise in blood pressure.)
Khorma can be found here at fruit sellers and many grocery stores. Costs vary on kinds and amounts. A box of Rotab is weighed and, then, the price is given.

Cinnamon: (Darchin; dawr-cheen)
Ahhhhhh.... isn't nature kind?! This spice is the inner bark of Asian evergreens and as it dries, curls into user friendly sticks or quills. Now, you can ease a stick into a hot cup of tea, or use it powdered in various cuisine. You can even simmer it in an open pot of water as an air freshener, BUT DID YOU KNOW......this wonderful gift from nature can keep you well? It can kill fungi, bacteria and research findings suggest numerous other possible medicinal uses.
Here is one of my favorites: Every morning I put 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in my tea, or on my breakfast cereal. In the winter, colds and flu can be prevented or their effect reduced, when at the first sign of cold discomfort, sip that ground cinnamon in your favorite tea. (Keep stirring so you get all those powdered particles into your system. You can make this a part of your daily winter routine.)
Darchin is found, here, in grocery stores and herbal stores. Costs may vary.

Trekkers Mix
OK all you trekkers.....if you haven't thought about the importance of keeping a good supply of energy running through your system, now's the time to do it.
This easy-peasy mix will help you have the stamina to keep stepping down the beaten path, or "the road less traveled by". Here's your mix list: (Make enough for your trip)
Raisins or Dates (keshmesh/khorma)
Dried, Flaked Coconut (nargil nar-geel khoshk)
Dried Seeds (seseme (conjed), sunflower (tokhme offtab gardoon), pumpkin (tokhme kedoo), etc.
Dried Fruits (mive khoshk)
Chop the raisins and dates up, then, toss all ingredients in a Ziploc or whatever container you want to use. Give it all a good shaking to coat the sticky pieces. Now, you are off on your adventure. Just toss a handful down the hatch whenever you want that boost you need to keep on trekking on. :-) :-)

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