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Time to dissolve UN bodies?


UN Security council is not doing what they are set up for. Their total inability to provide security for those who need it most is a disgrace. Countries are using it as their own International political playground to gain or hold on to International power. Other UN bodies have been affected by serious scandals and abuse of vulnerable people. Is it time to dissolve this body completely or would a cancellation of the Veto right be a good start. The UN is far from democratic.

Where there are Protected content of the UN, only 15 of them are represented in the Security Council, out of which 5 are permanent members. This essentially means that approximately only 7.5% of the world is represented at the world's most powerful international body which can enforce and implement its decisions. The probability of a member state to become a member of the Security Council, every two years, is about a meager 0.05. And these 7.5% countries are responsible for taking decisions which affect all of the world.

Observer states don't have voting rights. Essentially, if you're not the member of the Security Council, at a given point of time, and the SC passes a resolution to the effect of sending military forces to your country and intervene in your disputes, you cannot even vote a no, or vote against it, in other words.

The veto power. This is arguably the most undemocratic component of the Security Council. For those who don't know, the five permanent members or the P5 - USA, UK, France, Russia and the People's Republic of China have special voting rights. These countries have the veto power, i.e. if they vote against a resolution in the Security Council, it will not pass. This essentially means, the Security Council will never be able to take action against the P5 or their very close allies, because they will obviously, veto the resolutions. This has been used multiple times, where China vetoed India's moves against Pakistan-based terrorism, and by USA, to protect the interests of its ally, Israel. The USA and Russia are currently veto-ing any efforts in the Middle East. All the members have used the veto in the history of the Security Council.

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