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Tina Turner's Wedding at Lake Zurich . . .

. . . And Oprah Winfrey got told that an item is too expensive for her ?

Everybody seems turning poor sales skills (or in fact 'misunderstandings') into a racist thing. Or not ?

Be that as it may . . . has it ever happened to you that you didn't get an item due to poor sales skills of the sales person ?

So where's the cause, where's the real problem ? Basic instincts, poor training or what ?

Remember 'Pretty Woman' shopping scene in Beverly Hills anyone ?

Quote from a comment: Store clerks always size you up and make judgements about how much money you have and can spend...and they will treat you accordingly. It might not be right, but you don't want to waste your time on a zit faced kid wearing a Wal-Mart shirt. - End of Quote

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Paranoia ?

What say you and why ?

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