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To be overtly kind is also not good!


I wanna share a little experience that may set back the cliche xmas mood of giving and sharing because i think it is a greater gift to spread truths of life, as ugly as they may be sometimes

about a few days back, i went for interview for a translator job tasked with translating for mainland chinese businessman who wants to set up his dried chilly business here. in the end i turned down this job because of its requirement to work 6 days a week.

nevertheless i sympathized with this middle age chinese businessman who doesnt even have an office nor fixed address yet in this town that speaks a different language that he cant understand at all

so i decided to play mother theresa and offered to help him rent a place and i thought ill provide this service free of charge despite the job interview not working out

we spun around chinatown and contacted a few numbers which are usually hung outside the shophouses that are for rent
somehow my picks are always avoided i suppose due to suspicion that i am in collaboration with the owner and though this is outrageously paranoid i went with it and kept silent

and then he decided that we should go for lunch and so i thought i recommend him a restaurant nearby but on the way suddenly he said he doesnt have enough money to pay for that one meal even though he doesnt know the price at all and never did ask but assumed that i was out to swindle him and get him to pay for expensive food

at this point i quietly decided that i will not participate in this meal and will never answer his call again.

moral of the story is that being overtly kind at any situation can only begets you suspicion from others
because after all this is a world filled with greed and malice and self-interests and even as you claim that you are different and sincere , your claim is being taken as a front for your pursuit of self-interests

so spreading too much love to others is to love yourself less, apparently

to love others effectively you must love yourself first and dont do anything to compromise yourself including being too kind coz most people wont understand, it is not in the dictionary of greed and malice...

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