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To the Pro-Israeli Lobby here and to Rami :)


Apparently, someone could not handle the Truth or at least my point of view, so they deleted the thread about livini's intention to move Arab israeli away form their homes.
The thread had about Protected content and more than Protected content .

I dont know who delete it, but I m sure it is their "right", many global minds prefer to hear echoes of their voices and freedom of expression means you are free to say what they want to hear only.

IF it was deleted by Internations team, then this might be a form of censorship or even taking sides, but it is their forum, and they are free to allow or disable whatever they want.

IF it was deleted by the thread starter, then I understand that he could not handle "the truth" :) or at least the "other point of view', such people want to hear "yeah, you are right" or " we agree with a small but", or echoes of their ideas. They dont want to hear something totally different, they just cant handle it, especially from an annoying person like me.:)
It is his thread and he has the right to do with it whatever he want, BUT I wonder how "polite" is it to delete it and delete everyone's posts with it! that is just not nice!

IF it was a "collective" decision from the pro-israeli lobby in the thread, then, in this democracy, the majority rule, and they show that they dont want to hear the other side, they just want taps on the shoulder.

That is why the conflict continue.

I understand that some people have a problem reading about the killing and israeli war crimes, they have a problem with discussions about that more than they have a problem with the crimes!!!!!

To Rami, here is my reply, in case you want to read it.
///as an Israeli citizen, however, she left her Israeli passport in Jordan and travelled as a Canadian.///

These are technicalities now, but she reported to Israeli Media as an Israeli journalist.

////similarities between Israeli and Lebanese ways of living, in a positive tone that promotes peace between the peoples of both nations.///

I did not see her report, but the similarities of ways of living, will not promote peace, because we can have peace with different cultures and people.

She want to "normalize" the affairs, tohave israelis visit lebanon like they do in sharm el sheikh or jordan, while sick people die on the borders on Ghaza. That will not work in Lebanon. She want to promote peace? Let her do a report about the land mines and cluster bombs that causing death or injuries every week.
Let her do a report about the similarties of living between israelis and people in ghaza, oh wait, they dont have electricity in hospitals in ghaza. I guess she can report about night life and try make israel and lebanese friends, while palestinians get killed. nah, thanks. That is not peace.

///How are we going to convince people of a peaceful resolution, if we ban journalists from travelling to the "other" nation and report back the truth?///

she can go to israeli prisons and report the truth from there, she can go to ghaza borders and report the truth from there, she can report that shebaa is occupied by her army....she dont need to travel all the way to beirut to know the truth.

///highlighting the importance of getting first hand accounts on what is happening on the ground, where the media is often restricted by governments and warlords.//
apparently, she has "inspired" you, to be on the other side of the conflict. resistance for you is terrorism and violence. that is not what happening on the ground.

///you choose your own "truth" and I choose my own//

There are only two sides of the truth, the facts and your opinion. The fact is Israel has violated human rights, committed war crimes and continue as a racist terrorist organization. Your opinions, you should be friend with them, maybe someday, they will stop killing people, or if they kill people, you blame it on the people themselves.

////who reported under bombardment in every single conflict zone in the Middle East. ////
Great, I would love to read your reports about the bombardments of south lebanon in Protected content , 1996, Protected content the bombardements on Ghaza, are your articles/reports available in Arabic or English or French? maybe this way, I can understand your "truth" better. here is the magic word, Please?

////I lost many collegues who were out to report the truth.////
Sorry to hear that, who killed them?

////I was more critical of my own government than anyone else you can think of, because I believe that constructive self-criticism is the foundation of creating great nations.////

But you have reported the 10th anniversary of the peace treaty with israel, while there were some jordanians in israeli prisons and some palestinians getting killed?

///I invite you to take a pause, and try to find a peaceful approach. In war there are no winners, and terrorism only breeds counter terrorism.////

I offered them peace, they rejected it, what can be a more peaceful approach?! they killed my friends and neighbors and we said stop killing and we will not fight your over the past. Still they dont agree.
I cant accept the Egyptian gov. or the Jordanian gov. approach of peace, because I dont like to see people getting killed, and the first step toward peace, is giving us back our rights, which includes the shebaa farms, the palestinian state, the golan heights, the liberation of prisoners, the right of return, then we can call it peace.

Come report from the ground about the Protected content person and tell them, it is because they want their rights and it is their fault and the hezbollah fault, tell them, it is not the fault of the israeli fighter who bombed their house, nor the fault of the israeli government who gave the order, tell them that their wounds and handicaps are justified are israel right of self defense, and tell them they and the israelis both eat LEBANESE Tabbouleh, so they can be friends.

You take a more peaceful approach, stop justifying their crimes or befriending them while they kill people, and stop blaming their crimes on someone else, because this will only get more people killed, now you dont want that, right?

I wait the link to your reports and articles, if you want to share it.

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