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Travelling to Belgium in August

Hello .. a friend and I will be travelling to Belgium for the first time. I would love to have some recommendations for places to visits. I know I could easily Google it..but I rather have people recommendations plus I have a few questions in mind.

We plan to stay in Brussels first:
1) could someone tell me about the safety in the city?
2) a friend told me about this small old town an hour away from Brussels ..she forgot the name and i couldn't find in online. She said its one of the towns that was untouched by the war and one can still see the old buildings. Could someone tell me the name of the town?
3) when I travel i love to enjoy the food culture so besides chocolates...i love to hear from you on what to eat..I.e: Belgium food. ( Can't be eating chocolate everyday!! )

Thanks ahead for your help and suggestions.


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