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Trends - New Generations Favor Tech Over Clothes


"Are teenagers losing interest in fashion? According to the New York Times, new research shows that consumerism's most prized demographic is focussed on smartphones and food, not the latest fashion trends".

"A phone keeps you much more entertained. It’s a better distraction than clothing."

Teens also now spending more money on food – but visiting restaurants and cafes has more to do with smartphones than actually dining out. One teenager explained that the restaurant she chooses are often based on their wi-fi access.

Fashion brands and shops entering in a global crisis?
Will they adapt themselves into the new trend?

Dazed is also posting some other interesting questions:
"The retail industry has been going through a slump, with retailers like Aéropostale, American Eagle and Abercombie and Fitch replacing chief executives this year".

"But maybe the times are a-changing – what do you think? Would you rather spend money on a new iPhone than a handbag?"

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