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trip around the world

well i have retired. here is the trip: egypt, spain,france, england, scotland, iceland, greenland, norway, sweden, findland, russia, estonia, latvia, lithuania, kalliningrad, poland, germany belgium (july Protected content for tomorrowland festival), france, (if i do the africa loop): dordogne, tangier, morocco, tenerife, barcelona, ibiza ***, tunis, malta*** greece, macedonia, romania, ukraine, georgia** dubai, abu dabi, seychelles, mumbai, goa, maldives, chochin, sri lanka, chennai, kolkata, agra, udaipur, jodhpur, delhi, kathmandu, lucklo ( base camp everest 12 day walk. october late or early nov) head south, rangoon, bangkok, siem reap, ko samui, phuket kuala lumpur singapore, brunei, borneo, those islands,winter should be over and head back north throu phillipines, up to japan, pick up mongolia, irkusk loop back to beijing, shanghai, three gorges, guilin*** hongkong, philippines to port morseby, cairns, auckland, south pac, easter island,galapagos then south america counter clockwise. then home... 3 years. plus or minus a lifetime. please jump in with anything you want to tell me about where to go where not to go. ( iwanted turkey, but everyone says no). what about visas in russia... how do i do that coming from finland as a us citizen.. . i will travel alone and have always wanted to take a tramp steamer... cant stand to be anywhere cruise ships go. i want to eat native, wear native clothes, speak the language and "be there" in body mind and spirit. hopefully i will find a new home and never come back. thank you for all your help... sunni

ps. ilove electronic dance music, classical music, beaches (yes im a beach bunny, type sunni) and technical conferences on cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, modeling and simulation, wearable technologies, education, (science ed in particular)... so i wouldlove more than anything to attend conferences, symposia, workshops etc as i travel. would like to attend the nobel prize event, but i wont be anywhere near there in dec, so i need to give myself something else, festival wise. any direction would be absolutely fantastic. thank you in advance.

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