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trip Cascades d'Akchour

Dear friends

I hope you are well. I am just writing to ask if you could join me for a trip to Cascades d'Akchour morocco
The natural park area of the Cascades d'Akchour are a great place to hike and relax There are several small cafes to stop and have some great natural herbal tea. I would highly recommend for any one

I have just finished that huge task of my work. The past two months were so hard and stressful for me and I really want to find a place to relax for a while. So I asked for a 7 day paid leaving next month and I am planning to have a tour Cascades d'Akchour. However, I really love travelingwith new friends and I am wondering if you could be
i have been there before for many years Well, this could be a great opportunity for you. Since you will be on your summer holiday I guess the time won’t be a problem for you.

I really hope you don’t have any other plans and could go on this vacation with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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